Power 2 Heal

A powerful woman, who is an overcomer, worthy, empowered, and resilient on her journey to heal, embrace her gifts, and accept herself with love. 

  • Making Your Dreams Your Reality

    Dreams are the fuel that ignites our passions, the guiding stars that lead us towards a brighter future. They come in all shapes and sizes, from personal aspirations like starting a family or traveling the world to professional ambitions like launching a successful business or becoming a renowned artist.

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  • Accepting You is Loving You

    Truly loving yourself is accepting all the events, experiences, joys, pains, good times, bad times, successes, and failures that you have experienced in your life, which has brought you to this moment - right now.

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  • Obligation Overload

    Without boundaries, the obligations have no stopping point.  It takes no time at all to fill your day with dozens of obligations – obligations that, for many, end up unfulfilled.  And what happens next? Do the obligations, simply go away? 

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  • Own Your Results

    We all know we are worthy of great relationships, great careers, and creating big dreams. The problem is, the trauma we’ve experienced has left this little voice inside our heads that keeps reminding us to: fear the unknown, and settle for what we already know - even when it hurts us or keeps us stuck.

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