Today we’re going to talk about journaling, and the importance of that in your healing journey.  



There are several different types of journals to choose from. Whatever journal you choose is your preference. There is no right or wrong way to write in your journal. There is no specified amount of time to write in your journal, or how often. A journal is a place to put on paper what is swirling around in your head.


Let’s talk about the different types of journals. To name a few: gratitude journals, goals and intention journals, daily planning journals, high performance journals and blank journals. There are other types, but these are options I’ve used over time. 


A journal is personal and your's to choose.

There is no right or wrong way to write in a journal.

My favorite for my healing journey is a blank journal. Why a blank journal?  Because the pages are blank, there’s nothing prompting me to write anything specific. It really is, whatever my inspiration is for the day, is what I write in my journal. For you, it could be different. It might be more important for you to have a prompt or want a specific outline to complete your journal. You can choose to start a new one every year or keep going in chronological order. A journal really is personal. 


Today, I’m going to talk about a blank journal. First, journaling doesn’t come naturally. It’s a habit that’s created over time, by repeatedly writing in your journal, day after day. When you start, don’t be surprised if you are not consistent. That’s okay! When you recognize it’s been a few days since you’ve journaled, pick it up when you feel inspired to write. It becomes a habit as you do it more often and realize it’s an amazing tool for your healing journey.



Again, it’s personal. 

  • What you are learning to support your growth and forward momentum.
  • Specific items you want to remember and refer back to. 
  • Write about your accomplishments, what you’re proud of, what you’re excited about. 
  • Write about your aspirations and your dreams. 
  • Write out your feelings.
  • Write about the challenges or obstacles you’re facing. 
    • What is the obstacle? 
    • How are you feeling about it? 
    • Does it create fear or anxiety and why? 
    • How can you over come? Writing it out will often provide clarity to take action on. 


I encourage you to just write. Don’t overthink it. Let it come from your heart and flow freely.



Write out your short-term goals. You can also include long-term goals in an area you can check in to evaluate your progress. Write out your daily intentions to set your day up for success. It doesn’t need to be a long list; rather, a few realistic items you want to accomplish for the day, when completed, you will feel accomplished. An important note, if you don’t complete the items, that’s “okay” too. I encourage you to reflect and wonder, is this still an intention? Did you run out of time? Did you decide not to do it? Were you distracted? Is there something holding you back from starting? Again, this is your journey.



I highly encourage practicing gratitude. Surround yourself with positive energy and focus on the goodness in your life. Write down what you’re grateful for. 

Here are some examples I am grateful for: 

  • I’m grateful for another day 
  • I’m grateful to have the opportunity to write my thoughts down 
  • I’m grateful for this challenge in my life, because it taught me how to overcome obstacles. 


Write whatever you’re grateful for. Again, it’s personal to you. When you focus on gratitude, you’re focusing on positive energy and that is so important to your healing journey. It’s a proven fact, when you practice gratitude you have more peace in your life.



As you’re going through your healing journey, you may be experiencing or may experience self-worth challenges. Many women feel less than, not worthy, damaged or broken. I felt all of these and it kept me paralyzed with fear in many areas of my life. 


This is why I highly encourage you to include “I AM” statements, also referred to as affirmations, into your daily journaling. It’s important to remind yourself “many” times, every day, you are worthy and deserving of all good things in your life. 

Here are some examples: I AM WORTHY, I AM LOVEABLE, I AM CAPABLE, I AM DESERVING, I AM STRONG, I AM AN OVERCOMER, you fill in the blank with whatever you need for that moment in time. 



Here’s the beauty of a journal and what I love about mine. Along your journey, you may feel like you’re not making progress. It may feel like your healing is taking forever and you just want to find some peace and freedom from the pain. I encourage you to go back and read in your journal. You will see how far you’ve come. You will feel inspired to keep going. Your journal is an important tool in your healing journey.


Here’s a fact about growth and healing. You’re going to grow and heal to a certain point and you’re going to get to a peak. When you get to that peak, you may feel stuck again. It just means there is another peak you want to scale in your growth. In this healing process, you’ll begin to recognize things you want to overcome that weren’t even visible to you when you first started. That’s because as you grow, you heal, and more things come to light. You’ll want to overcome what you couldn’t see before, because you were blocked by whatever you were specifically challenged with or hurting from at that moment. It’s a journey for sure!


Having the opportunity to go back and look in your journal to see how far you’ve come; this is so exciting! I happen to love this.  When I look back a few years ago, I’m like “wow,” I have made such great progress. I also think, wow, I didn’t realize I was thinking that way back then. I don’t even remember feeling that way. My journal helps me stay grounded.

One more time, there is no right or wrong. I encourage you to make this a habit by writing in your journal daily. It’s your own personal record of your healing journey. You’ll thank yourself as you look back on your journey and it’s in writing for you.

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