Empty Nest is defined as, “a stage in a parent’s life after the children have left home.”

Empty nest is a stage alright. A stage with so many intertwined feelings that you can shift from sad to glad at the snap of your fingers. It’s sorrow, loss, excitement, and joy… all at the same time. It’s also the stage when many women wake up, look in the mirror, and wonder – “now what?” Now, what do I do? Now, what does the next chapter in my life look like? Now, what will we have to talk about? (We, meaning your significant other.) If you’re single, “we” is me – myself – and I. 

Empty nest is also the stage in which your purpose comes into question. It’s the breakdown-crying stage when you realize the identity of who you are is wrapped up in one identity… MOM; and the gift that made you a mom just packed up and walked out the door. Not only did your child spread their wings and fly, but they also put rocket boosters on and now somehow forget to call or text – even once a month! (UGH…then the dialog starts.)

What did I do that they don’t want to include me or have a close relationship with me or don’t respect how worried I am or simply don’t care…? How could they not call me every week? – And the list goes on… 


You Did Good Momma!

An empty nest doesn't have to feel so empty.

Empty nest is a new found freedom to become version 2.0.

Do you remember what it felt like when YOU left home?

Did you call every week or did you get caught up in your life – (and calling mom just wasn’t top of mind)?

How exciting was it for you to start your own life?

What were the struggles you faced and overcame that made you proud?

May I say, “Trust that you raised your kid(s) in the best way you knew how”. No one is perfect and no matter how you’ve judged your parenting skills over the years, know that now it’s the kids (adults) turn to figure out their own life. 

You don’t “owe” them anything – (hold on – here me out). YOU aren’t responsible for their failures or successes. From my experience, the hardest part of letting my son go was standing by as I watched him make his own decisions AND his own mistakes; and it’s also the most rewarding experience – to now watch him become a man, a husband, and a daddy. (Just remember…you did good momma!) And “watching” does not mean abandoning – on the contrary – it allows the freedom to learn, grow, encourage, and live… for the both of you!

If any of this sounds familiar, welcome to the “reinvention” stage of your life – That’s right! It’s the stage where you can walk around the house naked – get “busy” with your lover, wherever and whenever you like, and eat cereal for dinner every night with a glass of wine. You get to choose whatever comes next in life and then do it! All of this without having to worry about taking care of the kids. Whoop…Whoop! (Indeed, this is a time to be excited, encouraged, and inspired!)

There are a lot of feelings that you will want to permit yourself to feel.

  1.       Feel the loss.
  2.       Feel the discomfort of change.
  3.       Feel the fear of the unknown.
  4.       Feel the loss of control.

…but then – recognize that you have the second half of your life to create and live! Empty nest doesn’t have to feel so empty.

Welcome To Version 2.0 Of You!

For many women, raising kids, working, and taking care of a spouse were the focus for the past 20+ years. For some, you lost a part of you and the dreams you had because it’s just the way your story went… and that’s perfectly okay. Be proud of all you’ve accomplished!

Now, give yourself a moment to connect to yourself and ponder this question:

“When was the last time you gave yourself permission to dream about what YOU want?”

I say permission because for some, doing something for themselves felt like “robbing the family” of her undivided attention. The reality is, that many women haven’t had a dream since they stepped into motherhood. Consider this your invitation to dream.


What do YOU want in this next chapter of your life?

May I encourage you to D-R-E-A-M B-I-G!


As you think about this question, don’t limit your creativity. Even if your dream seems out of reach, write it down anyway. Write the small stuff and the big stuff. You can decide what you truly want once you’ve brainstormed the options. Once you decide – make a plan, create a roadmap of action steps, and most importantly… have fun doing it! (You’ve earned it!) 

In Closing…

Plan dates (days & nights) with yourself, your love, your friends, and your family. Test out a few new hobbies. Explore volunteer opportunities to give back and fill your cup. Be present in whatever moment you are in. (Some of the best advice I’ve ever received is “Be where your feet are.”) This simply means, to be present in the moment. And lastly, enjoy and make the most of where you are right now… because right here – right now is the ONLY place you can ever be!


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