Everyone Has A Story!

I know – facing the past is hard, and revisiting the memories can be painful. I also know – staying where you are right now, is much more painful.

∼Kim Allen

Hello! I’m Kim Allen.

Most would say I’ve been through a lot. My own experiences have left me with deep resentment and hurt that I didn’t think could ever be healed – not by me – or anyone. The pain I experienced as a young girl significantly contributed to who I had become – A woman without a voice who didn’t think she mattered.

I spent many years of my life creating a story that limited my potential for success, joy, and happiness. A story where I kept repeating the same thoughts and the same behaviors which inevitably kept producing the same unwanted results – MORE PAIN – MORE FAILURE – and MORE FEELING STUCK.

This process self-perpetuated, until one day I realized, that no matter what had happened in my past, (no matter how terrible), I had the power to change my future. I deserved a better future for myself and my family and I chose to stop the cycle of creating painful experiences and instead take 100% responsibility for my choices to become the owner of my life. In truth – I stopped using my past pains as excuses for my current reality.

So – I made a conscious and deliberate commitment to my personal growth and development and hired a Thought Habits Coach. In doing so, I soon discovered that my perpetually repeated behaviors and thoughts were habits I used as survival techniques – But these habits were NOT defining who I was but only who I was being. My coach taught me how to release the pains of my past, shift my self-sabotaging habits, and equipped me with the tools necessary to create and live the life I’ve always wanted to live! 

As a result, my personal and professional life transformation was so significant and impactful that I too became a certified Thought Habits Coach. I wanted to give back and help others achieve what I had achieved – and much more!

I believe (with all that is within me) that EVERYBODY deserves to live their best life – A life without limits and a life of abundant joy!

Through kindness, love, truth, and accountability – I have created a life that I am excited to wake up to, every day… and you can too!

If you’re ready to step into your fear and get what you know you deserve, let’s talk about how I can help you get there.