I think it’s common knowledge that our mind and mindset is a very complex and powerful thing. However, how much do you believe in that power and your ability to manifest what you want in life? 

I am a believer that our thoughts become our reality. Imagine a lemon tree. Now imagine looking at all of the bright yellow lemons hanging on the tree. As you reach up and pluck one from the leafy-green branch, you notice how plump and ripe this beautiful yellow lemon is. You can now smell the fragrance of lemon in your hand. Pressing your finger into the lemon peel, a burst of fresh lemon juice squirts from the lemon filling the air with its scent. With the peel now removed, you pull the lemon in two and take a bite. You can now smell and taste the sour sensation in your mouth. Ahhh, refreshing!) – Did your mouth start to water?

You see, from simply imagining a lemon and imagining taking a bite out of a lemon – our mouth began to physically water. In other words, our body literally responded to something that didn’t even exist – (a mere thought) – THAT is how powerful our mind is!


To Think Is To Create 

If you focus on your lack, you will continue to lack. If you focus on abundance, you will experience abundance. Let’s clarify something upfront – Just thinking about something once does not necessarily produce results, but it does impact us. Just like the lemon wasn’t real, it created an actual physical reaction in our body. It takes consistency to create what you truly desire, so be careful of what you are creating! (In other words, be careful of what you are thinking!) Because to “Think” is to create…

We all know those people who A-L-W-A-Y-S complain about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Life never gets better. Life sucks. Life is hard. Making money takes money. Blah, blah, blah… If you think about this, they are always focused on how hard life is and what they don’t have. They don’t practice gratitude for what they DO have. It’s an endless cycle of negative energy that continues to perpetuate negative results.

If you think you are unworthy of having a “10” relationship, you are… and – you won’t. If you think you don’t deserve success, you don’t… and – you won’t achieve it. (If you “think” you are unworthy or undeserving – how then can you possibly tell yourself YOU ARE?) You MUST “think” in accordance with what you want to be and what you want to achieve… you must! (You will become and/or do either one. The choice, however, is yours)


Why Do Some People Have “IT” And Some Don’t?

So why do some people seem to have an abundance of magic fairy dust? Everything they touch turns into amazing results. Riches – Happiness – Family – Friends… An abundance of everything you have only dreamt of but haven’t attained. It’s their mindset. So, let’s explore this.

Here are six things successful people have in common?

  1. Successful people possess a “can-do never quit” mindset.  Just because one appears to have it all, doesn’t mean failure wasn’t a part of the journey. In fact, failure is part of achieving success – (IF you treat failure as a learning process – and not a waste of time.)  
  2. Successful people face their fears by doing IT anyway. If they fail, they get back up and try again (because they chose to learn) until they succeed.  
  3. They ignore the naysayers and surround themselves with those who support and encourage their dreams. (This is VERY important!) A vital key to YOUR success is surrounding yourself with people who will encourage, inspire, and support you AND (get this) who want you to be successful just as much as you want you to be successful. (YES – there are people like that in this world! I didn’t believe it either until I experienced it firsthand – and now, I too am one of those people – and we refer to this as a WIN-WIN!)  
  4. They simply don’t have the word “QUIT” as part of their vocabulary. Here’s the formula: Failure (Learning) + Resilience (The ability to recover or rebound) = Success! (And success is EVERYTHING YOU DECIDE IT IS, not what others decide it is.) Remember, this is YOUR life and YOU are the one who gets to create it! How awesome is that!  
  5. Successful people (first) vividly see and create the outcome in their minds, before creating it in reality and they spend time regularly using this gift – It’s a part of their routine and part of their “can-do never quit” mindset. Vivid visualization isn’t just for “those people” – rather, it’s a gift we all possess and have access to when we give ourselves permission to mentally connect at our core level. This means eliminating distractions, sitting in silence, connecting with our higher power, and decluttering our minds. (It takes practice and consistency to create success.) Sadly, most are not willing to do the work and quit before realizing – The Win!  
  6. Successful people have a “circle of friends” who inspire, are honest, and encourage them. They know one person doesn’t have all the answers; therefore, they recognize the value of leaning into others for knowledge and guidance. The bottom line is they “want” to Mastermind with others who have a mindset that strives to achieve success. They know this will make a difference in their lives, and the lives of others in this world. Again – we call this the “WIN-WIN” – because it’s not about ONE person… it’s about all of us!

Evaluate Where You Are

What do success and abundance mean to you? (Remember, success is defined by YOU and is exclusive to YOU!) Nobody gets to define your success. Concerning abundance – well, how much of it do you want?

Let me state that success and abundance don’t specifically mean or translate to financial success (though it certainly can) – It’s so much more!

Here are four areas I would suggest you evaluate concerning your mindset and your current position of success and abundance:

  1.       Spiritual
  2.       Financial
  3.       Relationships
  4.       Health

Give yourself permission to be honest with yourself. In what areas of your life are you focusing your thoughts on lack or need? (In other words – what is it you keep telling yourself you want more of in these areas?) 


Your Thoughts Create Your Results

Here is a list of down & dirty, success killing negative thoughts that many people tell themselves on a daily basis: 

  • I don’t have enough money so I’ll never be able to do the things I want to.
  • My job sucks but I can’t leave because it pays the bills and I won’t find a better one.
  • I’ll never find someone who truly loves me so I’ll just be happy by myself.
  • All men (women) suck – Prove me wrong!
  • Exercising is hard and I just don’t have the motivation.
  • I shouldn’t eat this cake (it’s bad) but I’m doing it anyway because I’m already fat.

As I type out these success killers, I remember thinking about these things over and over and over again. For many years, I lost sleep over these very thoughts. However, all of this shifted when I became aware that – my THOUGHTS were CREATING the very outcome I “said” I didn’t want! (Remember, to “think” is to “create” and boy was I creating a mess!)


The Power Of Your Mindset

Positive thoughts create positive results.

To be honest, there are still times I get caught in a negative thought cycle – (it happens). The difference now is that I quickly become aware of it and make a conscious decision to shift those negative thoughts (success killers) back into a positive mindset that serve me and my life ambitions… and you can too!

Your negative thoughts are simply habits of thinking. Habits of thinking come from experiences in your life and what you’ve been taught. In essence, it’s a belief system you’ve been taught – (much of which was learned at an early age and with no ability to maturely discern otherwise).


To shift your mindset you must shift your habits. Becoming aware of the thoughts and reframing those thoughts (with consistency), will lead to new habits of thinking that will support you and what you want to create in this precious life. So, instead of creating success killers, you will now be creating success makers!


Are You Hungry For Change?

As a Habit Transformation Coach, I help my clients shift their mindset from negative, energy-sucking success killers to positive abundant-focused habits of thinking success makers! 

Do you want to know how you can shift your habits of thinking and start waking up every morning excited and HUNGRY to create abundance in your career, your life, and your relationships?

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