Accepting You is Loving You

Accepting You is Loving You

Loving yourself may sound somewhat like a silly statement - Most of us would agree: “Of course I practice self-love”.  However, if we really examine what it means to truly love ourselves, we might be a little surprised at what we discover.  Additionally, loving oneself takes practice, patience, and grace.  This may sound odd, and perhaps a little weird, but honestly - we are not raised to love ourselves (specifically) - Rather, we are raised under the general concept of loving others.  And, while this is certainly a good thing, there is still little to no emphasis on self-love.  So, what is self-love?

Truly loving yourself is accepting all the events, experiences, joys, pains, good times, bad times, successes, and failures that you have experienced in your life, which has brought you to this moment - right now.

Standing in YOUR life, (not the life of the woman next door, or the woman at the office) - is to acknowledge your natural gifts, talents, and infinite value. You are a unique gift! There is no one like you. So, allow yourself to feel like the gift you are!


Learning To Love Yourself


Remember, this is a process that takes consistent practice, and it is NOT about perfection. As you practice this regularly, you will begin to discover and feel the love for yourself flowing through your body.

Hello Self - It’s Time We Meet

Take an honest assessment of your life - past, and present.

  1. Where have you experienced failures and successes?
  2. What are your pains and accomplishments?

Discover your gifts and natural talents - I promise, you have them. With eyes and heart wide open, create an honest evaluation of where you are right now - In your relationships, your spirituality, your finances, and your physical health. This step allows you to see your goodness and what needs to change. It’s a baseline that provides a view to launch from.

Every Time - I Choose Me

In step one, you identify the person you have been and the tools (gifts) you have in your toolbox to work with. No matter what you discovered about yourself, today and every day, you will choose yourself.

Up to this moment, “comparison” and your feeling of “less-than”, have led you to believe your life experiences and natural gifts aren’t sufficient to create and have what you want in life. When you stop wanting what someone else has and make the decision to create what YOU want, (starting with where you are, right now), then you have made the decision - I choose me!  

No matter how difficult things may appear - choose YOU!  You might not feel it, you might not see it, you might not even believe it to be possible, (join the club), BUT - just do it! Choose YOU! Remember, it’s a baseline (a starting point) and with practice, you will discover how powerful you really are.

Power Comes From My Growth 

One of the greatest self-esteem boosters is taking intentional daily action on what you want to create. Doing so signals to your brain: You are capable, you keep your word to yourself, and you are worthy of creating your biggest, most wildest, dreams!

You’ve taken an honest assessment of where you currently are, now it’s time to commit to creating you, and to your dreams. Rather than focus on what others are doing, focus on the lessons of your life, what you have right now, and where you are going - and more importantly, where you WANT to go. Make an agreement with yourself to step outside your comfort zone, (even though it’s scary), and grow.

Grow your mind. Grow your future. Grow your self-love.

I Have Valuable Gifts To Share

As you get honest with yourself and see yourself as a gift (even with all the rough spots) you create a new path that is free from comparison and free from guilt and shame.

This path has clarity, acceptance, and love for yourself. This path allows others to see you, for you.

You are openly sharing your gift of YOU with others. It is here you acknowledge and embrace your true self, your infinite value, and your gifts. It is here when you love yourself, you are also able to fully love others.


In closing, it takes courage to take an inventory of your life - to be real - to be honest - to be vulnerable.  Courage, I know you have. When you acknowledge and accept where you came from, and recognize where you are, then you are given the opportunity to create where you are going.

I invite you to take back your power, step into your greatness, and “Be The Hero Of Your Own Story” - and it starts with loving you!


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